3 factor man­ages invest­ments for high net worth individuals and families, starting with portfolios of $500,000.  Many of our clients have extensive outside holdings or illiquid positions in low cost basis stock or alternative investments, which we take into consideration as we design a customized portfolio allocation based on a client’s total portfolio.

Our typ­i­cal client’s pri­mary goal is to plan for a com­fort­able retire­ment, while continuing to build wealth for transfer to the next generation.  Some of our clients are already famil­iar with our phi­los­o­phy: asset-class invest­ing using best-in-class index funds.  Oth­ers are look­ing for a bet­ter way to invest, one grounded in sci­ence, not based on wish­ful think­ing and speculation.

Our clients under­stand that suc­cess­ful invest­ing- achiev­ing supe­rior and real­is­tic returns- requires a long time hori­zon.   Our clients also appreciate that successful investing is built  not by making large bets on “hot” stocks;  but rather comes from constructing a disciplined, risk-adjusted asset allocation profile, and then consistently harvesting small gains through opportunistic rebalancing, tax-optimization and on-going cost minimization.

We don’t spec­u­late; we invest for the long haul using the best avail­able aca­d­e­mic and indus­try research. Recent mar­ket down­turns, such as the one that investors expe­ri­enced in 2008, have shown how dif­fi­cult it is to invest on a short-term basis, or to be over­in­vested in any one asset class.

Working with 3 factor

All client accounts are custodied at Charles Schwab & Co.  Our clients provide 3 factor with a Limited Power of Attorney to authorize trades in their 3 factor accounts.  All client deposits and withdrawals are managed directly by clients.  And clients have 24×7 access to their assets via their cus­to­dial institution’s web site.

The 3 factor AssetView™ dash­board also pro­vides our clients with a unique per­spec­tive into their hold­ings. Rather than view­ing an assort­ment of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) scat­tered across mul­ti­ple dif­fer­ent accounts, AssetView™ pro­vides our clients a holis­tic, cross-portfolio view, includ­ing assets held in accounts not man­aged by 3 factor.  By let­ting our clients view all their hold­ings within an asset-class frame­work, we help them stay focused on the big pic­ture and long term invest­ment objectives .

Better Returns Through Research

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Past per­for­mance is not a pre­dic­tor of future performance.

3 factor has con­ducted exten­sive analy­sis con­cern­ing port­fo­lio per­for­mance. See “impor­tant dis­clo­sure” for details and dis­claimers regard­ing our state­ments con­cern­ing per­for­mance, and the var­i­ous assump­tions we have made in our analy­sis.